Being remarkable means putting your brand at the heart of your business.

Why remarkable brands?

It’s no longer enough to simply talk to customers, brands need to be remarkable to make meaningful connections wherever they engage.


Technology is changing the way people interact and brands are now part of that conversation. So everything your company does influences the way people think and talk about your brand.


More than ever that means your brand has to be where it makes the difference, at the heart of your business.

How we can help

Where you are in the business cycle affects how branding can help you gain business advantage.

Launching a new brand into the market.

We help you define your remarkable and sharpen your business idea and story. Then we position your brand, design your brand identity and branded customer experience, write your storytelling, give you an online presence and help you develop a plan that will create an effective launch into the market.

Library Orchard Branding - Singapore
JustCo Branding - Singapore

Going through structural or strategic change.

We help you re-define your remarkable through investigative workshops, brand audits and customer research. We reposition your business in clear air and redesign your brand identity, customer experiences, marketing and online presence. Then help successfully re-launch your business into the market.

Chemoil Energy Branding - Singapore
Y3 Technologies
Y3 Technologies
Changi Airport Group - Singapore
Changi Airport Group

Merging or acquiring a new business.

We help define what’s remarkable about both organisations through workshops, brand audits and customer research, then unify the businesses behind one idea and create a new unified brand. We reposition your business and redesign your brand, then help re-launch the business into the market.

SATS Branding - Singapore
Marionnaud Branding - Singapore
Far Ocean
Far Ocean

Growing your employer and employee brand.

We help you understand your culture through internal workshops with your people and audits of your staff communications. We define what’s remarkable about your culture and help to bring that to life for the people who work for you, as well as the people you want to work for you in a highly mobile labour market.

Les Amis Group
Les Amis Group
Olam International Branding - Singapore

How we work

We uncover what makes your business the exception. Then we bring it to life through your brand. Through innovation, strategies, storytelling, design, creating remarkable customer experiences and inspiring your people, to create enduring business advantage.


We help our clients see their businesses and customers with the clarity and insight needed to find out what is unique, extraordinary and interesting about each brand.


We turn insights into actionable ideas, using our strategic capability to accurately identify and define the DNA of your business and brand, what makes it remarkable and one of a kind.


We distill complex businesses down to simple and compelling concepts. Bringing brands to life through creative storytelling, design and experiences that inspire and excite customers.


We use joined up thinking to creatively execute and bring to life our brand insights and strategies across every touch point you have with your customers and the people that matter most to your business.