A fitting launch.

Launching KemPress a new copper press-fit connection system in Australia & New Zealand.

The Challenge
A growing industry use of ‘press-fit technology’ has been a major trend in Europe for over 25 years. MM Kembla wanted to launch and promote KemPress a new copper press-fit connection system and a range of tools to their resellers and plumbers in Australia & New Zealand.

The Insight

We developed a new brand strategy that would explain the advantages of using the MM Kembla KemPress tools and copper press-fit system with their comprehensive product range for use in water and gas applications. We created a promotional campaign based on the tagline Faster. Easier. Flame Free. Quality’. Programme initiatives included the design, development and launch of the following:

  • A simple and flexible product branding system.
  • A new trade advertising campaign.
  • A new range of branded marketing materials.
  • A new KemPress website was developed featuring: product information, fittings, tools, design and installation, and warranty information.
  • A new KemPress Video was created for Copper and Stainless Steel installation.
  • New packaging and in-store point of sale materials.
  • As part of the campaign we created giant mobile adverts using the B-Double side awnings of their fleet of delivery vehicles.

We also developed a new One Brand, One Warranty, One System’ animated explainer video telling the story of how customers can ‘Minimise their risk with MM Kembla’ by using their new ‘Integrated Piping System Warranty’. The new system is backed by a 25 Year Warranty.

Getting the animation right required a well thought-out storyboard and concise script. Once we understood the full context of the story we kept the visual and verbal messages simple for the viewer to comprehend quickly. The final animation seamlessly blends the words with the illustration style to create a vibrant, dynamic and engaging presentation with a clear call to action at the end.

The Impact
The dramatic rise of press copper fittings has resulted in them becoming the number one method for joining copper. KemPress was a big hit with resellers and plumbers across Australia & New Zealand. Initial sales far exceeded expectations. With a warranty of 25 years, and a design life of over 50 years, KemPress offers plumbers a great product and total peace of mind.

The One Brand, One Warranty, One System animation has tested well in the marketplace and since launch has gone on to become a powerful sales tool. It has been a catalyst for discussion with larger building developers, design specifiers and HVAC installers and has become a unique selling point of difference. MM Kembla has seen an immediate return on investment in the form of traffic, conversations, engagement and sales.