Inspiration for urban living.

Showcasing Sydney’s diverse inner city urban style.

The Challenge
Mirvac is an integrated, urban property group and a key contributor to Australia’s major cities. We were commissioned to create a special limited edition book dedicated to Sydney’s urban dwellers, to find the people who are shaping our world-class inner city scene and to showcase a selection of Mirvac development assets and retailers.

The Insight
We developed a brand strategy that would talk to and connect with the many different style tribes that inhabit Sydney’s inner city scene. We interviewed a diverse mix of people from a variety of cultures, with countless view points and life experiences, then wove these stories and experiences together to create a unique and inspiring urban tapestry. Through engaging stories, striking photography and beautiful illustration, we showcased a snapshot of Sydney’s urban style: urban people, urban living and urban tastes.

The Impact
The Urban Style book has been very well received by Mirvac, its retailers and Sydney’s inner city community. It has become a source of inspiration that is both memorable and engaging and has reinforced Mirvac’s position as a leader within the retail industry that delivers compelling experiences for its customers.

Client Feedback
“This project was a wonderful and inspiring journey. I felt privileged to meet this diverse and interesting cross section of people who live in our local area, and I felt honoured that they agreed to share their personal stories and experiences with us. I believe that places are shaped mainly by their people and inner city Sydney is such an exciting and vibrant place to live because the locals are so engaged and connected with their community and share a zest for sustainable urban living”.